Is a good place to register my domain name?

Well, you’ve decided to make a website. Congrats! After figuring out what to name it, the first step is registering your domain name!  Now where should I do that? Maybe you remember a Super Bowl commercial from a while back about  Let’s answer the question, “Should I register my domain name with GoDaddy?” Or what is the best company to register my domain with?

Well first, you should know that, legally, to make a website, you need to register it with you name, email, address, and phone number. If you do not opt for privacy protection, this information will be published for everyone on the WHOIS Public Database.

Let me advise not registering your domain with GoDaddy. The $0.99 intro offer may sound good.  However, if you do not pay for the extra $10 per year fee, they post your information online and you will get loads of spam phone calls and emails. Then the price goes up to $18 per year. And still doesn’t include any privacy protection.

GoDaddy_UploadInstead, I would recommend registering your domain though Google Domains. It’s $12 per year and they won’t give away your info… unless you want to be listed on the WHOIS database.


Before registering your domain with any company, make sure they won’t put your information out there on the web or see how much they charge for privacy protection.

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