Honda Element Camper

This post is on my Honda Element Camper Design. It is pretty simple. This configuration allows for three passengers and flexibility to sleep one or two. I also wanted to be able to hold 10 gallon storage bins underneath the bed.

Here is a photo of me at Crater Lake National Park. I have added a few things since this picture.


What you will need:

  • Bed legs: (4) 2×4’s length 14”
  • Frame: (2) 2×4’s length 46.5”
  • Frame: (2) 2×4’s length 18”
  • 22” wide plywood, cut to 46.5” and 24”
  • Set of small hinges
  • High torque deck screws


To make the bed: Use the the clamps to make the use the screws to fasten them together. I like to drill pilot holes and use bits that are designed not to strip. I attached the legs to the short part of the frame first and then the long areas.

Is folds out into a 6′ long bed and has storage room underneath.

From here we can add a 3″ thick foam pad or 2″ thick foam pad. A second one can be used on the other side if you want a full sized bed.

I also made some custom window blockers out of a 25′ roll of 24-inch wide Reflectix  and suction cup hooks. This keeps some heat in, allows for urban/stealth camping, and affords some privacy. The other great addition was a rain fly that I made out of a tarp, (2) high strength magnets, tarp poles, paracord, and stakes.

A few other great additions:

Thanks for reading!

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